The Edenton Historical Commission is housed in the Penelope Barker Welcome Center, in the heart of Edenton, NC. Edenton is truly one of the South’s most beautiful towns and is located on the Albemarle Sound, in eastern North Carolina. Our mission is to educate our visitors on the history of our area, as well as help guide you on your visit. Be sure to visit us soon!

Edenton is….


Real. The little town that 300 years ago served as the Colonial Capitol of the newly defined territory of North Carolina invites you to help celebrate a rare anniversary in American history – 300 years of continuous existence.  To help navigate your trip, we have established a Museum Trail that provides continuous guidance around town. You will find carefully preserved, original buildings. Because Edenton is over 300 years old, our streets have seen all kinds of fashions and ways of life! For videos of what life in Edenton, NC might have been like throughout our history, click here. In addition, we have lots of historical photographs of the area! Check those out HERE.

Welcoming. Your first stop while visiting Edenton should be at the Penelope Barker House Welcome Center, home of the courageous Penelope Barker, the organizer of the first (1774) political action by women in western cultures.  Situated at the base of South Broad Street alongside Edenton Bay, the house serves as “Edenton’s Living Room”.  Or, take a Trolley tour and see the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse, the oldest functioning courthouse in America, the Cupola House and several fine examples of colonial architecture.  The Courthouse stands today where it was plotted to stand in 1712 and is still used, on occasion, by the NC Supreme Court. In Edenton, you will be seeing originals, not reproductions. Our quaint downtown has plenty of specialty shops and restaurants, owned by the friendliest folks around who would love to meet you!

Beautiful. Forbes.com included Edenton in their article “America’s Prettiest Towns” (you can read what they had to say about Edenton here). Edenton is, indeed, a photographer’s playground.  There are so many “aha” moments just waiting for you to capture!  Click here to see just a few of those, and feel free to send us your best shots!

Current.  Through our events and educational programs, the Commission is committed to keeping Edenton current.