The Commission

Background and Mission of the EHC

The Edenton Historical Commission is not your traditional not-for-profit group. We were created by the General Assembly of North Carolina in 1961 and are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization. In other words, we were created by the state but are not a state agency and donations to the Commission are tax deductible for the donor’s income tax purposes (follow the advice of your tax advisor).

We do not receive routine funding from state or federal governments. The Town of Edenton and Chowan County have contributed to our work, which is greatly appreciated. Well over 95% of our funding comes from the people just like you: people interested in preservation of historical public buildings and more importantly, learning about the stories of the important leaders that guided the development and growth of the colony, the state and the nation.

The Commission has 33 members. The Governor appoints 22 commissioners, the Speaker of the House appoints four, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate appoints four and three positions are filled, ex officio.

It is a common misconception that the Edenton Historical Commission governs the rules and regulations regarding private residences and other privately-owned properties in the Edenton Historic District. These regulations are actually governed by the Town of Edenton’s Historic Preservation Commission. If you have any questions or concerns for the Historic Preservation Commission, please contact the Town of Edenton at 252-482-7377.

Annual Report and 990 & 990T: Available upon request.

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The North Carolina General Assembly’s 1961 Act creating the Edenton Historical Commission reads, in part: “to effect and encourage preservation, restoration, and appropriate presentation of the Town of Edenton and Chowan County, as a historic, educational and aesthetic place, to the benefit of the citizens of the place and state and of visitors” (G.S. 143B-95)

Commission Meetings:

EHC 2024 Meeting Schedule

Commission By-Laws: Available Upon Request


Mr. Robert Leath, Executive Director

Mrs. Alexis Tobias-Jacavone, Director of History & Communications

Mrs. Marsha Tobias, Front Desk Manager & Events Coordinator

Mrs. Bonnie Pierce, Trolley & Volunteer Coordinator

Mrs. Barbara King, Trolley Docent

Mr. Madison Phillips, Maintenance Coordinator


Mrs. Annette Wood, Chairman

Mrs. Susan Nolton, Vice Chairman

Mrs. Anne Ellis, Secretary

Mr. Andrew Bergeron, Treasurer

Hon. C. Christopher Bean

Dr. Emma Bonner

Mr. Norman Brinkley, Jr.

Mr. William Chesson

Mr. Jerome F. Climer

Mr. Miles B. Coxe

Mr. Thomas Credle

Mrs. Marshall Creighton

Mrs. Elizabeth Culpepper

Mr. Samuel B. Dixon

Mrs. Anne Ellis

Mr. Earl Ijames

Mrs. Sally Francis Kehayes

Mr. John Morehead

Hon. Thomas Newbern

Mrs. Susan Nolton

Mrs. Ann Perry

Mrs. Jaquelin Perry

Mrs. Sadie Riddick

Mrs. Elizabeth Scott

Dr. Benjamin Speller, Jr.

Mrs. Clara Stage

Mr. Dawson Tyler

Mrs. Ginny Gardner Vinson

Mrs. Gloria Wadsworth

Mr. Earl Willis

Mr. T. Benbury H. Wood, Jr.

Mr. Thomas B. Wood

Ex Officio

Dr. Darin Waters

Hon. W. Hackney High

Hon. Bob Kirby