The Furniture section is for original articles on all aspects of Southern furniture including individual objects, cabinetmakers and joiners, cabinet shops, areas of origin, construction techniques/details, decorative elements, regional characteristics, original owners, usage, paint and wood analyses, restoration, etc.

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Norfolk Common Chairs

Early Turned Chairs: The Meherrin Cleft-Slat Group

William Jones Cabinet Shop


Micajah Willkes

Chowan County Courthouse Document or Book Press

Recent Furniture Discoveries From the William Seay Cabinet Shop

The Early Work of Norfolk Cabinetmaker Chester Sully

Greensville-Brunswick County, Virginia Chairs


Windsor Chair Paint Analysis

Great Aunt Maude’s Favorite Mahogany Table: Examination Methodology

Fredericksburg, VA, Cabinetmaker, George Eaton

Original Owners of Historic Hope Foundation’s China Press

A Norfolk, Virginia, Clock Signed “John Jones”

WH Cabinetmaker Necessary Chair

Sharrocks and Seays in Bertie County Tax and Census Records: A Cautionary Tale


Early Turned Chairs from the Vicinity of Tappahannock, Virginia

Edenton Rooms

Hugh Blair Grigsby

Cabinetmakers Who Never Left Norfolk


Cullens Family William Seay Desk and Bookcase

Cellarets and Sugar Chests

Jeremiah and Samuel Parmele: Northern Cabinetmakers with Southern Ties

Moore Chair Company Highchair

Moore and Latham Chairs


Cupola House Desk & Bookcase

Henry Mann Family of Virginia Cabinetmakers

Hay-Shop Tables

Jeremiah Mixson, Chowan County Cabinetmaker


William Seay’s Blanket Chests

New Bern Tea Tables?

That’s Odd! Masonic Influence on Southern Furniture

William Seay’s Masonic Iconography

North Carolina Kettle Stand


A Monticello Joinery Chair?

Norfolk Furniture Reunited After 190 Years

Monticello Joinery Armchair: A Follow-up Research Note


Monticello Joinery Armchair: A Fresh Look

North Carolina Captain’s Cabin Bench

Henry Evans: From Cabinetmaker to Abolitionist

Norfolk Chairs – A Different Style?


The Cupola House Carver

The Cupola House Carver (Part 2)


Fredericksburg, VA, Cabinetmaker, George Eaton: Follow-up Research

Cupola House Tea Table

Hertford County Courthouse Common Chairs


Gouges, Craftsmen, and The Cupola House Finial