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The Lesser Known History of Edenton Lecture Series

We are excited to collaborate with the Edenton Racial Reconciliation Group and the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library to present the “Lesser Known History Lecture Series”  This series will be held on the first Tuesday of each month in March, April and May.

To register, email:

Click HERE for a printable poster for the series.

Click HERE for a printable poster for Dr. Ben Speller’s Lecture “Colonization and Relationships in Chowan County 1619-1750”. And, click HERE for the link to the recorded session of the presentation.

Click HERE for a printable poster for Mary Malliard’s Lecture “Conductors and Passengers: Harriet Jacobs’ Underground Railroad”. And click HERE for a link to the recorded session of the presentation (fast forward to about 3:15 for the beginning of the presentation).


Oh, Penelope!

Originally performed in 1975, Oh, Penelope! is an award-winning play about our very own Penelope Barker. This year, the original cast reunited to provide us with a video of one of the acts from this play. We hope you enjoy!

Past Events

The 2020 Christmas Candlelight Tour continues to be available online and on DVD.

Below are some picture galleries from past events. To begin a slideshow of all of the pictures on the page, just click on one of them and use the arrows on either side of the picture to navigate forward or backward:

Masquerade Ball 2019

Barker House Nat’l Register Anniversary 2012

EHC 50th Anniversary Awards Gala 2011

Friends Thank You Party at Mulberry Hill 2011

Governor’s Day, 2013

Founding Gardeners Symposium 2013