Life in Historical Edenton (Videos)

Videos Depicting Life in Edenton’s History

April 2015 saw Edenton play host to more than thirteen hundred visitors who came to tour historic homes and gardens in Chowan County and historic Edenton.  Each of the following provides a short re-creation by local residents of scenes that could have played out on the streets of Edenton at the time of the Revolutionary War period, the Civil War and in the historic Edenton Cotton Mill Village.  Enjoy!

Courthouse debate about adding a Bill of Rights to the draft Constitution (many are unaware that North Carolina’s first convention on ratifying the draft Constitution produced a negative vote; only after the Bill of Rights was proposed and strongly supported by leaders from Edenton, did a second convention ratify the new draft):

Life during the Civil War:

Town gossip around 1770:

A discussion about clothing design around 1775:

Life in the Cotton Mill village around 1910: