Museum Trail

What is a museum trail?  The breadth of Edenton’s story simply will not fit inside a single structure unless you want to forget about the original buildings that are part of this little town’s amazing contribution to the creation of the United States and to North Carolina.  The contents go beyond buildings to include stories about amazing people who served as the first colonial Governor of North Carolina, told a King “NO,” signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, helping to write both, created our first navy, served as George Washington’s appointee to the very first U. S. Supreme Court, many U. S. Senators, Representatives and Governors of North Carolina and of Freedmen and -women who became major real estate owners, carpenters and builders of churches.

Without a building large enough to tell the story, we created a nice walk through the town connecting the sites.  They are all original buildings, not re-creations here, this is the real thing.

(1) Barker House

(2) Old Colonial Wharf

(3) Joseph Hewes & 1778 Cannons

(4) Hugh Williamson Monument

(5) 1905 Edenton Teapot

(6) 1767 Chowan County Courthouse (no QR code on pedestal sign)

(7) Old Jail

(8) Oldest House in North Carolina

(9) Cotton Mill Village

(10) 1800/1827 James Iredell House (no QR code on pedestal sign)

(11) Kadesh Church

(12) 1736 St. Paul’s Church

(13) 1758 Cupola House 

(14) Josephine Leary Building 

(15) 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse (no QR code on pedestal sign)