Historic Places

In 1862, Edenton’s church and courthouse bells were melted in order to create cannons for our defense. One of the original Edenton Bell Battery cannons is on display at the Barker House.
Edentonians, like their predecessors, take great pride in preserving the stories and the buildings that make the state and country what it is today. Examples include the 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse; the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse: A National Historic Landmark, known as the finest example of Georgian courthouse architecture in the South and still in use; the 1758 Cupola House: A National Historic Landmark; and a recent preservation effort, Martinique. These are just a few of the buildings that played a significant role in defining the colony, Edenton, North Carolina and the United States of America.
In addition to its wealth of history and stories about the leaders and its friendly inhabitants, the views of Edenton Bay (once a thriving international port) on the Albemarle Sound are fantastic! It is the nation’s largest fresh-water sound, known for great fishing, boating (both sail and motor) and environmentally protected rivers, millponds and creeks – ideal for kayaking and canoeing.
Edenton is not a reconstruction; everything is real.

Area Historical Landmarks:

Barker House

1767 Chowan County Courthouse

Cupola House

Edenton Bell Battery

Edenton Visitor’s Center

James Iredell House

Roanoke River Lighthouse

Hope Plantation

Newbold-White House

Somerset Place