The Architecture section is for original articles focused primarily on the architecture of the early South including dwellings grand to meager, public buildings, commercial and professional structures, trades shops, agricultural buildings, and even privies, storage sheds, and other support structures. Articles address various aspects of our architecture such as construction techniques, building materials, structure hierarchy, builders/architects, decorative elements, dating techniques, archaeological contexts, owner history, paint analyses, interior-space usage, measured drawings, adaptive reuse, relocation, salvage, etc.

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Cupola House: Recent Discoveries

Discovery of the Oldest Dated House in North Carolina

Historic Building Evaluation Methodology

Saving William Seay’s Cabinet Shop, The Move


Living Between Two Worlds: African American House Joiner Drew Holloman

Surprising Exterior Paint Analysis of Bel-Mede, Williamsburg, VA


Linden Farm


Cupola House Paint Analysis – Courtesy of The Cupola House Association

“Mansion House” Evolution, Brandon Plantation, Halifax County, Virginia


John Mitchener, Journeyman Carpenter of Edenton

Fox Hall – Norfolk’s Oldest House, Part 1

Fox Hall – Part 2, Barred Vent

Fox Hall – Part 3, Hall Floor Lift

Fox Hall – Part 4, Chimneys and Fireplaces

Fox Hall – Part 5, Cellar Entrance

Fox Hall – Part 6, Flooring

Fox Hall – Part 7, First-Floor Plan

Fox Hall – Part 8, Windows

Fox Hall – Part 9, Brickwork Finish

Fox Hall – Part 10, Jack Arch Segment “8L” 

Fox Hall – Part 11, Second-Floor Assessment

Fox Hall – Part 12, 2nd Floor Plan

Fox Hall – Part 13, Dormer Construction

Cupola House First-Floor Interior Paint Analysis – Editor’s Note

Cupola House First-Floor Interior Paint Analysis

Ed Chappell – Obituary


Fox Hall – Part 14, East-Chamber Fireplace

Fox Hall – Part 15, Deed Search for Fox Hall

Fox Hall – Part 16, Dormer Installation

Fox Hall – Part 17, Circa 1725-30 View


Fox Hall – Part 18, “In the Name of God Amen”, Ann’s Possessions


Bankruptcy and Bigamy: The Secret Past of Ezra Waite, Charleston’s Civil Architect, House-Builder, and Carver from London

Fox Hall – Part 19, Front Porch Removal & Wrap-up