Historic Trades

The Historic Trades section is for original articles on and videos of the everyday objects made or used in the early South, on those trades people who produced these objects, and on the consumers of these objects. This section covers a wide range of subjects from longrifles and

accessories, to quilts, to knives, swords, and axes, to mundane wrought nails, to everything else in common use.

*Please be aware that some of these articles are in .pdf format and may take some time to load. If your computer times out, just refresh and give it time to load properly. Enjoy!



Hand Wrought Nails

 That Rusty Object – Is It Wrought Iron or Steel?


The Kentucky Rifle


Blades in Virginia and North Carolina – From Stones to Steel

French Swords For Virginia 1779, Redux

A Tidewater, Virginia, Quilt with Shenandoah Valley Connections


Gun Hammers vs. Button Hole Cutters


Hunting Bags (part 1)

Hunting Bags (part 2)

Hunting Bags (part 3)

Brass Candlesticks

Found In The Wall Of An Old House


Martin Noxon: Silversmith, Jeweler, Clock and Watchmaker of Edenton, NC


Leopold Paul Unger; A Nineteenth Century Southern Itinerant Portrait Artist

Thomas F. Noone: A Little Known Southern Portrait Artist

Edward Beyer’s View of Edenton, NC

What Is It?

Ember Tongs – a sketch

Elizabeth McGee Breazeale, A Forgotten North Carolina Artist


An Eastern North Carolina, Native American, Canoe Outrigger?