Hand Wrought Nails

By Richard Guthrie



From at least Roman times until early in the nineteenth century, the most common fastener in general use in building and in furniture construction was the ubiquitous wrought-iron nail. Millions upon millions were handmade by blacksmiths, one nail at a time. This nail technology migrated to the Americas with the earliest European explorers and settlers. Wrought nails are frequently encountered on our archaeological sites, in our standing historic structures, and in our treasured antique furniture. While we have little trouble spotting these bits of iron, do we really understand them and know how they were actually made? Long-term friend and professional blacksmith, Richard Guthrie, will take you on a nail-making journey in the below video. Click and enjoy.


Jim Melchor


 Nail Demonstration.mov



Published on: Oct 10, 2013