Christmas Candlelight Tour 2019

Another Christmas Candlelight Tour is in the books! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many people for making this an amazing tour! Our own Commissioner, Susan Creighton, for heading this thing up since forever, and for recruiting all of the necessary volunteers who bring it together. To the Garden of Eden Garden Club members, who handle the Colonial era decorations we all so enjoy at the Barker House, Cupola House, Old Courthouse and Jail, much thanks for your enormous contributions! To all of the amazing volunteers at the Barker House who greet our guests with such warmth and professionalism, you are much appreciated! Most of all, to all of the homeowners who spent countless time and money preparing their homes for over a thousand strangers to enjoy – rain or shine! Without you, we would have no tour. Without the Tour, we would have no Edenton Historical Commission, and without the Commission, so much of our history would not be preserved to share with future generations. You make a DIFFERENCE!!

Click HERE to enjoy some beautiful pictures taken by local photographer Kip Shaw.